Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A lil fact about me :)

So if you guys didnt know , Im majoring in Criminal Justice. I have my Associates Degree and currently working on my Bachelors.. I eventually want to b a police officer that is my goal in life! Today I actually passed and qualified for my concealed weapon permit the state of AZ you are allowed to carry guns and conceal them. I dont need a permit but the advantage of having one is I know the laws of we what I can and cant do with a weapon! I own a gun myself my husband got it for christmas 3years ago and im a tough cookie this girl can shoot :)  anyways I was so happy to pass my test its just one more step to being what I want to be!!!!! Never be satisfied I am always trying to learn new things here is a pic of my gun and my target!! You learned something new about me!

Its a 9mm springfield xp


  1. OMG we both love guns!! Awesome you go girl!! I have a 38 super an OG =D Are you going to a private school or public?

  2. i luv ur gun! ive been dying to shoot a gun for the past 5/6 years, lol! now u can teach me =)