Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back to MAC!!!

Hey friends!! Today is going to b a beautiful to back to mac all my finished items :)  if you dont know what I mean by "back to mac" well mac has a program where when you finish 6 of macs products you can take back the containers to get either a mac lipstick,lipglass,or eyeshadow. Now make sure your MAC, gives u the option. What I heard only mac stores give the option of all three. Stores inside dept stores only give lipsticks. Anyone so there is certain products you can take back : eyeshadow pots,foundation bottles,empty lipsticks, basically everything that has plastic or glass!
I have 18 products I can take back that means 3 products :) what should I get? I think im going to get eyeshadows :) lets see I want: Mulch, Naked Lunch, and hmmmm :/  the infamous Carbon im a lil iffy about carbon maybe when im there ill pick up a different one :) ill do a back to mac haul ok maybe I should get out of bed now haha hope you all have a fab saturday!


  1. really love your post!!!
    xoxo honey

  2. i LOVE back to MAC! <3 cant wait for my next trip... =)