Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A lil fact about me :)

So if you guys didnt know , Im majoring in Criminal Justice. I have my Associates Degree and currently working on my Bachelors.. I eventually want to b a police officer that is my goal in life! Today I actually passed and qualified for my concealed weapon permit the state of AZ you are allowed to carry guns and conceal them. I dont need a permit but the advantage of having one is I know the laws of we what I can and cant do with a weapon! I own a gun myself my husband got it for christmas 3years ago and im a tough cookie this girl can shoot :)  anyways I was so happy to pass my test its just one more step to being what I want to be!!!!! Never be satisfied I am always trying to learn new things here is a pic of my gun and my target!! You learned something new about me!

Its a 9mm springfield xp

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fadedness no bueno!!!

My sis n law n brother in law came in town :) and ended up going out last night I cant recollect how many shots I had but im def feeling it right now. Lol!! I dont want to get out of bed lol!!! Just wanted tell you all HAPPY EASTER :) hope u all enjoy it with ur fam!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back to MAC!!!

Hey friends!! Today is going to b a beautiful to back to mac all my finished items :)  if you dont know what I mean by "back to mac" well mac has a program where when you finish 6 of macs products you can take back the containers to get either a mac lipstick,lipglass,or eyeshadow. Now make sure your MAC, gives u the option. What I heard only mac stores give the option of all three. Stores inside dept stores only give lipsticks. Anyone so there is certain products you can take back : eyeshadow pots,foundation bottles,empty lipsticks, basically everything that has plastic or glass!
I have 18 products I can take back that means 3 products :) what should I get? I think im going to get eyeshadows :) lets see I want: Mulch, Naked Lunch, and hmmmm :/  the infamous Carbon im a lil iffy about carbon maybe when im there ill pick up a different one :) ill do a back to mac haul ok maybe I should get out of bed now haha hope you all have a fab saturday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LuxAddiction Phone Case

Luxaddiction has some amazing phone cases for whatever your style might be I love the one I have :)
I couldnt be happier again check out the website at
here are some pictures up close and personal of the phone case :) ENJOY!!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey Guys :) Well let me start by saying you have to follow me on my blog lol jk you dont have too :) but the advantages of having my blog is that I will be updating this pretty regularly. I have decide that my first blog item that will be on here is a BLOG SALE sometime this week! I will also have OOTD's as well as OOTN's!! Its just alot easier to do them than posting a video! I might even do reviews as well! I hope you guys will Follow my blog and give me some feed back :) Talk to you guys later